The Island outside the World by Victoria Osborne-Broad

The Island outside the World by Victoria Osborne-Broad is the third book in the fantasy time slip series – Jewels of the Rainbow.

When Allie comes to Cornwall, her dreams about a mysterious island come too close to reality. On the island she’s caught in a ruthless power struggle. In Cornwall she has her cousin’s magical rainbow ring, as well as help from the gardener, who’s as intriguing as her dreams. But can they protect her from the usurper who wants her dead?

The Island Outside the World is less of a time-slip fantasy than the previous books in the trilogy, and more of an old-fashioned romance in the style of William Morris or C S Lewis. There is a lost domain, with a Gothic-style castle and a lonely dowager who alone guards the secrets of right and title. Ships venture across sparkling seas bearing strange cargoes. Heroes – male and female – battle to free ungrateful dullards from the tyrants who seek to enslave them.” L.C


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Victoria Osborne-Broad

Victoria Osborne-Broad is the author of the Cornish fantasy series, Jewels of the Rainbow, and frequently gives talks around SW Cornwall.