Guardian of the Stones by Victoria Osborne-Broad

Guardian of the Stones by Victoria Osborne-Broad is the second book in the fantasy time slip series – Jewels of the Rainbow.

For Gerry it was all over. The Chalice was gone, Justin was gone. Until the Jewels of the Rainbow reappear in a new form, and violence explodes back into Gerry’s life. Old enemies have returned, more terrifying than before. Gerry must find a way to combat new threats, with help from an unexpected ally. But as they start to work together Gerry doesn’t realise she faces another danger; of succumbing to the seemingly irresistible lure of the Jewels.

“Left in suspense at the end of Chalice of the Rainbow, part one of the ‘Jewels of the Rainbow’ trilogy, we have not had to submit to the tenterhooks for very long. Victoria’s back with part two – Guardian of the Stones … We meet some old friends, and some acquaintances from Chalice of the Rainbow become rather more. The characters become more intriguing and – for me at least – one or two prompted speculation. Is everyone what they seem?  Or is something darker lurking beneath? … that chalice is still throbbing with power, and the novel builds to a nail-biter of a climax as to whether that power will once more fall into the grip of the dark side. And volume three? It already has a great title: The Island Outside the World.” L.C

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Victoria Osborne-Broad is the author of the Cornish fantasy series, Jewels of the Rainbow, and frequently gives talks around SW Cornwall.