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Wild Flower by April Lee Fields

April Lee Fields is self-published author, a soulful songstress, and a spoken word artist. Through her writing, April takes her reader on an epic journey across continents; from small-town America to hippy communes deep in the Australian Outback, from the linoleum suburbs of her hometown in the UK, to overgrown jungle temples deep in the heart of Asia. April’s vivid descriptions of both the exotic and the mundane are entwined within a soulful observation that will transport the reader into a world of pure literary and melodic magic.

Wild Flower, is not only a thought provoking book of tantalizing poetry, but it also serves as the sister-piece to April’s self-published memoir, ‘A Version of You.’ Journey through this mystical world of poetry and experience April’s enthralling stories in a whole new light… the kind of light that just wants the Wild Flower within us all to bloom.

I dreamt a dream
All my life
It seems
Where life
Was but a spring season in bloom

Where challenges were met
In a head on collision
For somewhere
Deep down
I recognized the need to attune

Days have passed
Seasons changed
And crashes bare their own scars
Wandering wild within this wonderment
Peculiar pathways have taken me far
Across lands of great resistance
And cultures
With an age old persistence
All a backdrop against my very own soul

For it’s not just the pathways that I travel
But how one is also able to handle
Each step trodden towards that which is spiritual

Fear has no name in this house

It’s a mockery of all that love is
An insult to my dreams
A heart completely enraptured
Within the season
Of a freshly blossomed spring

May you always be in bloom
My friend

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April Lee Fields

April Lee Fields

April Lee Fields is a self-published Author, Shamanic Songstress, and internationally recognized Spoken Word Artist. Performing live readings from her works, April effortlessly brings the quietude of the written word to life by submerging her audience in the sacred and ancient art of storytelling.

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