Welcome to Cornwall – the one you might not know about

“Welcome to Cornwall – the one you might not know about” was hilarious and yet sensitively pried open the darker side of second homes, the closure of Crofty and living four miles from the sea in Camborne, Pool and Redruth but never having visited or even seen it.
It was a privilege to listen to:
Gray Lightfoot telling his poem at Penzance LitFest 2023

Humourous yet gentlemanly poet, Gray Lightfoot, hosting the evening in between his wonderful poetry

Treven Harry reads short story Up Frogs by Ross James

Up Frogs by Ross James read by fantastic actor Trevenen Harry (he conjured up the narrator as a young boy wonderfully!)

Kate Barden and Rob Erskine perform Gray Lightfoot's play Sea Fear

The wonderful Kate Barden and Rob Erskine performing Gray Lightfoot’s play Sea Fear

Catherin eLeyshon reading her story The Triumph of Goliathia Tremayne

The talented Catherine Leyshon reading her fun yet poignant story The Triumph of Goliathia Tremayne

A fantastic evening at Penzance Litfest in the fully booked The Acorn Theatre 👏👏👏👏👏👏
‘It was remarked upon after the show that an event which highlighted the problems of modern Cornwall had been delivered with a light-hearted touch and much laughter had been heard throughout the evening.’ Gray Lightfoot


The performers donated the income for their readings to the Camborne, Pool and Redruth Foodbank who replied:

‘Thanks so much for this. I’ve just read the review and it chimes so closely with what we see through our work, and we are so grateful to you for choosing to support our charity with your creativity! We are aware that there are many other options in our area. The food bank is really busy at the moment, we are seeing year-on-year growth in service use and a decline in food donations through the cost-of-living crisis – so fundraising is a high priority for us. Contributions like this are so welcomed and appreciated by all of us here (staff and volunteers alike). 😊


Find out more about Gray Lightfoot’s poems – addressing lack of affordable housing, second homes, over-tourism, deserted villages and childhood poverty – and his play Sea Fear at https://graylightfoot.co.uk/2023/07/19/welcome-to-cornwall-but-it-might-not-be-the-one-youve-seen-on-tv/
Short stories Up Frogs and The Triumph of Goliathia Tremayne are available in the Cornwall Writers anthology Cornwall Secret & Hidden