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Unexpected Truths by Lamorna Ireland

Unexpected Truths by Lamorna Ireland is a contemporary romance set in Cornwall.

Paige Yelland has done her very best to deny her Cornish roots for the past ten years, having run away from a past that she would rather forget. Taking on her late mother’s restaurant and unexpectedly cutting ties from her life in Bristol, Paige must finally give in and embrace a new life back in the little Cornish fishing village where she grew up – Mevagissey. This is easier said than done. Made to feel unwelcome from the moment she returns to the village, it is clear that some people are less than impressed with Paige’s estrangement to the place, with the locals showing loyalty towards her parents that she has always struggled to understand. Unexpected truths begin to reveal themselves in this fishing village romance as new relationships begin to bloom. Can Paige and her father Jacca find a way to let old ghosts lie? And can Paige set aside the resentment she felt for her mother all those years to see the heart of the village – Giuseppe’s restaurant – restored to its former glory once again?

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Lamorna Ireland

Taking inspiration from her beautiful home county, Cornish writer Lamorna Ireland writes romance novels alongside teaching English in a local secondary school.

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