The Saint and the Smugglers by T J Dockree

The Saint and the Smugglers by T J Dockree is a tempting short story with a humourous twist, following the exploits of two Cornish smugglers, their tempters and rescuer. It appears in the Cornwall Writers anthology, Cornwall Beneath and Beyond.

The story stimulated a lot of debate as to whether the smugglers would stay the course or stumble. The author feels reasonably optimistic for the smugglers and the saint, but worries about how it might have panned out for other churches.


Author’s Note:

The teaser image here was created with DALL-E, an AI on Bing and Microsoft. You can tell because the characters don’t have real eyes (she coloured them in for the lead characters). She had to delete the top of the demon’s wings because they were just – too much. You can still see the top of the stump above his head.

But this imperfectly generated image represented the core of her story so well, she felt she had to use it.

Real artists, like our book cover designer Lucy H Smith, create much better images.

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