The Flesh Auction by J C Berry

The Night Stalkers took everything from humankind.

The bloodthirsty beings appeared in the night, their attacks calculated and brutal. Cornubia was the first to fall and the surrounding lands soon followed. Now, humans and the alike are hunted and sold as food to the monsters who took their cities.

Delen, Kilian and Quin are among the freshly caught. Their lives have been spent running but they are taken to Fehal, the main city of the Night Stalkers, to be sold and fed upon until their deaths.

No one has ever escaped the city and the friends prepare for their end.

Yet, there is a promise of new life, rumours of change and hope. Delen, Kilian and Quin must fight for their lives and freedom, but what sacrifices are they willing to make for the hope of a new future?


J C Berry

J C Berry is an author living in beautiful Cornwall with his family, soon-to-be husband, and hyper Jack Russell Terrier. The Flesh Auction is his debut novel.