The Cats of Tregoyne and What the Cats of Tregoyne Did Next by Caroline Palmer

The Cats of Tregoyne and What the Cats of Tregoyne Did Next by Caroline Palmer are two short books that have been combined in the latest reprint. Written in the noughties, these are parables on change and economics in Cornwall seen through the eyes of a bunch of cats living in a chalet park in Porthtowan, sited where Caroline lived and still lives, though the chalets have gone.


Vermilion, armoured and hideous, I skulked in my lonely cave. Everyone feared my huge horse-like face and fire-breathing nostrils…not withstanding that I am a gentle, vegetarian dragon who enjoys carrots, peas and cauliflower. I longed for friends. No-one would let me get close, just hid as I flew over. All I had was my internal fire to keep me warm.

I woke one night to a multitude of squeaky vices, feeling tiny paws touching my sides.

“Shove over, you lot, I want to get warm.”

“This is champion, lads, full central heating free of charge!”

Gently I spoke to the mice. “Stay as long as you want.”

“Thanks, Mister, that’s right friendly.”

It’s worked out well. I think I’m too big to worry the mice; they consider me talking furniture. I keep them warm; they keep me company.

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Caroline Palmer

Caroline Palmer moves between novels, short plays, films and stories, often local, and the history of Porthtowan, where she lives. 

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