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The Boatman by Annalisa Crawford

Three women. Three stories. One pub where it all begins.

For Quinn, Ella, and Rona, The Boatman is the perfect place for respite. It’s the oldest pub in town and has been offering solace and comfort to those in peril for centuries.

Quinn is hiding from her past when she meets the captivating Murray.

Ella is running from her nightmares and the tragedy they predict.

And Rona is on the cusp of a spinetingling new ability.

But there are strange murmurs in the night. A woman who fell to her death walks the banks of the river. A clairvoyant is drawn to the Boatman, eager to discover its secrets. And who is rowing the boat which glides silently in the shadows?

These suspenseful, traditionally-inspired ghost stories will chill the bones of fans of Susan Hill, J.T. Croft, and Wendy Webb.

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Annalisa Crawford

Annalisa Crawford is the author of dark, contemporary, character-driven stories, with a hint of the paranormal.

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You. I. Us. by Annalisa Crawford

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Day after day, we make the same choices. But after reading You. I. Us., you’ll ask yourself, “What if we didn’t?