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That Sadie Thing by Annalisa Crawford

There are eight billion people on Earth. We collide with just a handful of them throughout our lives, by accident or design. Why not take the time meet a few more?

A couple break up on a rainy night; a woman finds comfort eating lunch as her best friend lies in hospital; a runaway longs to go home; a teenager finds herself in an unlikely place.

Our stories never end, they just lead to the next.

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Annalisa Crawford

Annalisa Crawford is the author of dark, contemporary, character-driven stories, with a hint of the paranormal.

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You. I. Us. by Annalisa Crawford

You. I. Us captures everyday people during poignant defining moments in their lives.

Day after day, we make the same choices. But after reading You. I. Us., you’ll ask yourself, “What if we didn’t?