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T J Dockree


T J Dockree mainly writes fantasy and historical dramas inspired by Cornwall, where she has lived since moving here, with her parents, at 18 months old.

Her first novel, Timeline 67, took over 30 years to write, on and off. She finally completed the first draft in November 2017 during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). She has since drafted a novel every year during NaNoWriMo: Dream Walkers in 2018 and Bait in 2019. She’s hoping it won’t take as long to edit Timeline 67 as it did to draft it. The plan is to publish the novel sometime in 2021.

Her poem The Maiden won first prize at Poetry Today – Beyond the Horizon in 1997. Since then she has had several other poems published in collections with other poets.

Tracey loves encouraging others on their writing journey. She is regional co-ordinator for Cornwall for NaNoWriMo and regularly meets up with other writers in Cornwall throughout the rest of the year.

She has two short stories appearing in the Cornish anthology Cornwall: Misfits, Curiosities and Legends and has enjoyed every minute of the collaboration with all the other authors involved in the project.

Her day jobs are as editor for Ethical Rebel magazine and ethical fashion and costume designer as Tracey Dockree. She is based in Truro in Cornwall.

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