Along a Cornish Creek


In 1952, two young lovers relished in the joys of a forbidden love. But eventually, a sense of duty won over happiness, and hearts were broken forever.

Over seven decades later, the secrets of love, loss and heartbreak would threaten to make an appearance… in the most unexpected of ways.

When Ellie Curnow applies for the job of Head Gardener at Penhaligon Estate, nothing can prepare her for what lies in store beyond those gates, which until now had been closed to the public for over twenty years. Not least of all, the stubborn hatred her Nanny, Gloria Curnow, feels towards the Penhaligon family.

George Penhaligon has successfully avoided his duties as Lord of Penhaligon Estate for over ten years, but when he leaves behind his lavish Italian life as a wine merchant to finally return to his family home along the Cornish creek, he soon realises it’s going to take nothing short of a miracle to save his estate from ruin. And when he and Ellie discover one day that their stories are entwined far beyond the usual temptations of attraction, they soon learn that their families’ generational prejudice is far from over.



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