Book 9 Published June 2016

Our Imagination – Penair School Creative Club

A selection of poems, short stories, artwork, photography and recipes produced by students from year 7 to year 11 during 2015 – 2016. Project Lead – David Coad

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Book 15 Published November 2020-5a11657f

Much of a Muchness by David Coad

Above the Day

One day, one night
New lives shine bright
A hundred sunsets, a hundred moons
Life’s over, far too soon
A thousand dusks, a thousand dawns
Time and its dominion, over the newly born
A million months in a billion days
Life lives its life, in a billion different ways
A billion years, through a trillion seasons
Life on earth, without any reasons
Eons through space, eons in time
Spirits in the universe,
Forever yours and mine

Book 14 Published June 2020

Lost Thoughts by Penair School Creative Club

Lost Thoughts

one, two, three
broken dreams and shattered memories
searching desperately for a means of escape
we need to be set free
four, five, six
time ticks on and we’re stuck inside our heads
trapped on this mystery track to nowhere
someone set us free
seven, eight, nine
a spark of vivid imagination
endless pain released like butterflies
an idea, a thought, a memory
ten, eleven, a dreamlike state of mind
ink on paper, pain on canvass
wandering out of reality
eleven years of lost thoughts

by Ruby Tinson

Book 8 Published May 2015

Painted Dream – Penair School Creative Club

I sat and stared with tear filled eyes
A part of my heart gone
My voice rises up in song
A golden ribbon flying the skies
It dances around with the tune
As it rolls down the valley like mist
Then it rises again in a fist
Then it stops and goes, just as soon

Book 5 Published November 2012

Growing Together – Penair School Creative Club


They fly away from the old life to fly to a new life
there old life was so boring, they only ate leafs
now they get to do whatever they want to do
they are pretty in the sunlight
and they sit on flowers
and then fly away
to a new journey
again and again