Morvoren: the poetry of sea swimming


Ella Walsworth-Bell and her co-authors have created thirty-two poems exploring the magic and beauty of sea swimming in Cornwall. Whether you dip a toe, or dive right in; stroll the shoreline, or race through the surf; relax on soft sand, or simply consider the sea temperature from afar… immersed in Morvoren, you will find yourself reflected here. The book includes stunning colour photographs and biographical notes on the women who were interviewed.

‘I recognise so much of my own sea swimming in these stunning, anarchic, joyful poems. Here are other women who also delight in cold water, of being ‘burned alive from the ankles up’. These poems ask, ‘Why wouldn’t you swim?’. Read this anthology, see if it doesn’t have you running for the waves, ‘nipples like limpets’. Brava to one and all.’
– Katrina Naomi

Authors: Abigail Ottley, Kate Barden, Ruth Eggins, Kerry Vincent, Polly Roberts, Ella Walsworth-Bell, Hannah Temme, Morag Smith, Penny MacBeth.