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Jiggery Pokery by Walker Zupp

John Gaule, rector of Saint Andrew’s in Great Staughton, is suffering a mid-life crisis. He splits his time between delivering fiery sermons, and giving his lover, Anne Pritchard, a headache.

A terror grips England when the Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins makes his way through Gaule’s part of the country – hanging and drowning accused witches wherever he goes…

As the situation worsens, John Gaule, along with the lawyer Putnam Fawcett, decide to put an end to the Witchfinder General’s reign of terror…

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Fibber by Walker Zupp

“Fibber is a wild yarn that infuses the suffering of Candide with the wit of Groucho Marx.” – Charis Emanon, author of Azzfapple

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Nakadai by Walker Zupp

In Nakadai, by Walker Zupp, our hero ‘decides to fight the Great Word—and confuse the hell out of his PhD student, Nicola, along the way…’

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Martha by Walker Zupp

In ‘Martha’ by Walker Zupp, pharmacologist Norvin Tubaniña has been tasked with understanding Martha at a research station in 2089 Antarctica

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Walker Zupp

Walker Zupp is a Bermudian writer living in Cornwall who specialises in Speculative Fiction and is studying for his PhD in Creative Writing.