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Children's Stories

T J Dockree - author

T J Dockree

T J Dockree founded Cornwall Writers to support local authors and leads the Cornwall region of writers for National Novel Writing Month.


Ulrike Duran

Ulrike Duran is German-Chilean, living in Cornwall with an MA in Creative Writing, stories published in many anthologies and a short play.

A.A Barrett

Cornish Author of Dear Maggie: A poetry collection, Evie-Me and the seasons and To Mr. Van Barrett.

Emily Charlotte Ould

Emily is a freelance writer, editor and marketer based in Cornwall. She is also a happy co-founder of PaperBound Magazine, an online publication dedicated to showcasing creative talent from writers and illustrators, specialising in children’s and young adult fiction.

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Rachel Fitch

Cornwall is such a good place for inspiration, the beaches, rugged coastlines, wooded areas … and let’s not forget the pasties. Seriously, they are good brain food! So now I can say it out loud – I’m Rachel and I am a writer. 


Ross James

Ross James grew up on the north Cornish coast and now lives in the Falkland Islands with his wife and children. Obsessed by the sea and the things that live in it, his first book, ‘111 Days – Tales of a Fisheries Observer’, is a firsthand account of life on a trawler.

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Alexandra Fowler

A Cornish Children’s author and illustrator specialising in myths and adventure

Return to Zennor

The Return to Zennor by Lilac Rosenwyn (Alexandra Fowler)

He lay down, his ears in the water. The sea was almost singing to him. The sun was warm on his face and he felt relaxed.
Suddenly he felt something grab his ankle. He couldn’t see what it was, but it was pulling him away from the shore and further out to sea. He couldn’t fight it and he couldn’t get away.
What was he going to do?