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Fibber by Walker Zupp

A forgotten past, a future history…

The Tectum is a giant stone head in the wastelands of England, designed by the government to shelter citizens from a Belgian invasion.

Crisis brews when Fibber, a poet-turned-civil-servant, arrives to take charge of the Tectum – typewriters fall out of the walls, whilst a doomed production of Othello is staged on the top floor.

As Fibber struggles for control, a group of escapees battle the elements outside, unable to thwart the government’s plans for the Tectum…

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Nakadai Cover-d1060908

Nakadai by Walker Zupp

In Nakadai, by Walker Zupp, our hero ‘decides to fight the Great Word—and confuse the hell out of his PhD student, Nicola, along the way…’

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Jiggery Pokery by Walker Zupp

In ‘Jiggery Pokery’ by Walker Zupp, John Gaule, rector of Saint Andrew’s, tries to end the Witchfinder General’s reign of terror…

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Martha by Walker Zupp

In ‘Martha’ by Walker Zupp, pharmacologist Norvin Tubaniña has been tasked with understanding Martha at a research station in 2089 Antarctica

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Walker Zupp

Walker Zupp is a Bermudian writer living in Cornwall who specialises in Speculative Fiction and is studying for his PhD in Creative Writing.