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Do the Write Thing on KMF radio regularly shares book readings. In this session, Sue Farmer reads extracts from Knights on a Train by TJ Dockree, Little Bear by TJ Dockree and After the Daccarien Accord by John Evident. All these short stories can be found in Cornwall: Misfits, Curiosities and Legends by Cornwall Writers

Do the Write Thing on KMF radio has been running for several years and has given a voice to writers and to local musicians. All the music on the show is original and not to be heard anywhere else. Kmf radio has a policy of integration and has always given a voice to people with disabilities.

About Sue Farmer

Sue Joan Lewis has presented the programme since its first broadcast. A performer and drama facilitator working in Cornwall sue is also a singer and has written choral pieces for choirs. She is part of a radio play company of actors and writes short stories for the programme. She always sees the programme as a platform for the promotion of writers, beginners and established, and has an amazing team who help namely the fabulous Helen rule, Cornish actor, and Ali Rogers, technician and producer. Please share the programme and radio link to anyone who’d like to listen or contribute. Also anyone who’d like to share their music.

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T J Dockree - author
Cornish Writers

T J Dockree

T J Dockree founded Cornwall Writers to support local authors and leads the Cornwall region of writers for National Novel Writing Month.

Books Published by Cornwall Writers

Cornwall Secret and Hidden

Cornwall Secret and Hidden by Cornwall Writers is an eclectic collection of short stories written by authors in Cornwall.