David Coad with one of his books

David Coad


I was born in Canterbury, Kent and moved to Cornwall in 1990 with my parents as our family originates from Cornwall.  I always loved reading and writing when I was young, frequently making up stories and reading them out to family and friends. During the mid 1990’s I began writing stories and poetry in a factory in Redruth, as I was stuck in a room on my own for 10 years with machines churning out injection moulding. During this time I met a local author and publisher who liked my work and published some of it. During 2008 I got a job as a teaching assistant at a local secondary school in Truro and, soon after starting there, I set up a poetry club. This soon became a creative club where students from years 7 to 11 could enjoy themselves and create stories, poems, artwork, painting, photography and recipes. All the material the students produced I collected and made into yearly books with my publisher. We now have 11 creative books, published in 11 years, and are on our 12th as I type this. To go along with the club, my students and I have our own radio show each month on CHBN, inside treliske hospital, where they read out their poems and stories, sing songs, play their instruments and talk about their recipes and anything else. During the coronavirus lockdown of 2020 I came up with an idea to make our own village creative book which is now published. During this time I unearthed some of my old writings and am now writing a story and finishing off a new book of poetry. I love writing, I find it calming, therapeutic and fascinating. I never know where the next line in a poem or a story will take me.

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