Cut To The Bone by Roz Watkins

Cut To The Bone by Roz Watkins is the third in the DI Meg Dalton crime series.

How could a young woman disappear without a trace?

When beautiful young social-media star Violet Armstrong goes missing in the middle of a scorching Peak District summer, the case sparks a media frenzy.

The clock is ticking for DI Meg Dalton and her team to find Violet before online threats explode into real-life violence. And then the blood and hair of a young woman are found in an empty pig trough at the local abattoir…

But what is Violet’s connection to the chilling local myth of the Pale Child – a ghostly girl dressed in Victorian clothing, glimpsed through the trees? If the Pale Child sees your face, the villagers say, you’re going to die.

The more Meg finds out about this unnerving case, the more she becomes convinced that something very, very bad has happened to Violet. With temperatures rising and the press baying for blood, the case is about to take a terrifying turn…


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The Red House by Roz Watkins

The Red House by Roz Watkins is an atmospheric thriller. Will new clues to her family’s killer lead them back to the girl who escaped?

Roz Watkins

Roz Watkins is author of the DI Meg Dalton crime series. As she works to solve crimes, dark Derbyshire myths and legends challenge her logic.