Cornwall Writers Short Story project announced!

Laptop and stickers from Cornwall Writers Short Story Project

The Cornwall Writers Short Story Project is open to all writers based in Cornwall.

As part of the project you will learn how to produce and publish your short story with a group of local writers. Throughout the project we will learn all the different aspects of creating and selling a book and improve our skills:

  • writing
  • editing
  • putting a book together
  • publishing
  • making sales

Peer editing is an important part of our process. There will also be some professional editing to ensure the quality of the stories are of a professional standard. We’re going about it dreckly and we estimate the whole process will take 2 years to ensure the book is as high a standard as possible.

The 2019/20 Cornwall Writers Short Story Project is now closed to new entrants. We expect to reopen entries for the next anthology early in 2021.

Find out more by joining the Short Story Facebook Group at