Cornwall Secret and Hidden


Cornwall Secret and Hidden by Cornwall Writers is an eclectic collection of short stories written by authors in Cornwall.

Be bold; be moved; be curious; venture through and around, under and into the secret and hidden, veiled and buried, concealed and mysterious tales that lie within… What captivating yarns will these glorious Cornish landscapes reveal…

‘The old fisherman hunkered down and looked young Bobby in the eye. “It’s a scary story, boy. You sure you want to hear it?”‘ Slagoon’s Breath, T J Dockree

‘Sharky Tremayne had lurched into fatherhood with his customary haphazardness. An arsonist of the heart, he briefly lit up Marigold Polglase, Cornwall’s strongest woman, who had run away from the circus when it pitched up at Pool Market.’ The Triumph of Goliathia Tremayne, Catherine Leyshon

‘Peran’s white, lunar countenance looms over me. I am not sure he is telling me the truth.’ Of Red Riding Hood, Grandmas and Wolves, Abigail Elizabeth Ottley

‘I swear, today is the last day my mother will control my life. “There’s a letter for you,” she’d said. “In my desk. Bottom drawer. Promise me you’ll open it after my funeral, not before.”’ A Letter from the Other Side, Claudia Loveland

Short Stories:

The Triumph of Goliathia Tremayne by Catherine Leyshon

The Apocalypse Chess club by Philip S Rollason

Slagoons Breath by TJ Dockree

Of Red Riding Hood, Grandma’s & Wolves by Abigail Elizabeth Ottley

Unblinded by Ella Walsworth-Bell

These Little Moments in Time by Lamorna Ireland

The Shell Necklace by Anne Rainbow

A Stumble in the Dark by Greg Richards

Look Up by Kate Barden

Whispers by Emma Lamerton

The Trees Grew Tall by Claudia Loveland

The Girl He Found in the Dark by Emily Charlotte Ould

Kissing the Stars by Ulrike Duran

The Plastic Fairies by David Allkins

A Letter from the Other Side by Claudia Loveland

The Well Keeps its Secret by Caroline Palmer

Morwenna by Jennie Rawling

Under the Waterfall by Rachel Fitch

Hidden in Time: a legend of Saint Wenappa by Jo Grande

The Network of Mine by Alice Thomas

Botanical Microscope by Felicity Tattersall

Time at the Bar by Ben French

The Pact by Angela Linney

The Cabin by Anita Hunt

Moonshard by Stephen Baird

The Giant of Gull Rocks by Sam Crosby

Pure of Heart by TJ Dockree

Up Frogs by Ross James

With many thanks to Lucy Smith of Illustration by Lu for her stunning illustration and book design.

Publication date 10th June 2022.

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