Cornwall Misfits Curiosities and Legends books and ebook

Cornwall: Misfits, Curiosities and Legends by Cornwall Writers

Cornwall: Misfits, Curiosities and Legends by Cornwall Writers is an eclectic collection of short stories and other scribbles written by authors in Cornwall. Action shifts between land and sea; locals and newcomers; from times past to times beyond time.


Wade Beneath the Waves by Emily Charlotte Ould
Drowning Horses by Philip S Rollason
Barnacle Bill by Caroline Palmer
Waiting by Anita Hunt
The Dance of the Stones by David Allkins
Ms Fitt’s Lament by Angela Fitt
Flecks of Gold by Stephen Baird
A Cornish Rant by Anita Hunt
The White Ermine by Froshie Evans
There is Copper in Abundance by Ulrike Duran
A Spell in Cornwall by Claudia Loveland
Stargazy Pie in the Sky by Pen King
Little Bear by TJ Dockree
After the Daccarian Accord by John Evident
Nixie’s Quest by Angela Evron
Knights on a Train by TJ Dockree
By Any Other Name by Joshua Copus – Oxland
The Teddy Bear’s Emporium by Rachel Fitch

With many thanks to Ruta Ciutaite of Blue Rue Designs for her stunning illustration and book design.


“Everyday Cornwall is captured with a hint of a subtle intrusion of the unknown. From the chatter of beach going families and steaming pasties to howling hounds and monstrous moths.

“I like the ambiguity of the surfer merman in Wade beneath the Waves. In Drowning Horses, the rhythm of the horse’s hooves against the beat of mining toil was excellent. I very much enjoyed, Flecks of Gold; a journey into the heart of the Cornish moors.

“Giving an eclectic flavour of Cornwall and Cornish life. The many styles of writing come together in a book of adventure, humour and intrigue.”

Anna Chorlton, author of Cornish Folk Tales of Place published in 2019

“Such a wide variety of different stories, but all share the same setting … If you love Cornwall, there will be a tale for you in this fab anthology!”

Cath Norris, author of The Runaways

Publication date 25th September 2020.

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Side shot

Philip S Rollason

Beats of a modern Jazz solo, somehow finding a scattered rhythm, the edges of blades cutting into the earth. Starting out of sequence, the order somehow switching back on itself, finding its beginning, and, as the thud thud thud chopped about the trees, the three of them cut down through roots and earth, heaping nature’s spoils to the side.


Stephen Baird

Stephen Baird is a YA author living in Cornwall, immersed in fantasy historical adventure and loving it!

Emily Charlotte Ould

Emily is a freelance writer, editor and marketer based in Cornwall. She is also a happy co-founder of PaperBound Magazine, an online publication dedicated to showcasing creative talent from writers and illustrators, specialising in children’s and young adult fiction.

DSCN3673 (2)

Rachel Fitch

Cornwall is such a good place for inspiration, the beaches, rugged coastlines, wooded areas … and let’s not forget the pasties. Seriously, they are good brain food! So now I can say it out loud – I’m Rachel and I am a writer. 

This is me

Anita Hunt

Anita Hunt has written the Memory Sessions, she is a published poet, published theatre reviewer and is writing her first novel – ‘Behind the Curtain’.