Cornwall Beneath and Beyond by Cornwall Writers

Cornwall Beneath and Beyond by Cornwall Writers is an eclectic collection of short stories written by authors from across Cornwall.

Capturing the essence of Cornish spirit – beneath windswept cliffs, beyond ancient ruins – Cornwall Writers invite you to dive deep into the uncanny and mysterious and explore their captivating world of folklore and imagination.

A man full of ale won’t think twice about taking on a monster. After Victor, Catherine Leyshon

On television, a woman pan-fries Mount’s Bay sardines on a Cornish beach. She tilts the skillet to the camera. ‘So fresh they don’t know they’re dead.’ The Good Daughter, Mike Davis

‘Dad, seriously. There’s no Cat of Camborne.’ ‘You say that as you’ve not seen it, but it’s out there, and it’s ready for the hunt!’ The Cat of Camborne, Jason Kenyon

Thin streaks of cloud trailed across an azure sky, whilst a murmuration of starlings contrasted in a beautiful swooping black mass against the blue. After the Storm, Lamorna Ireland

It is the music I miss the most. The reassuring noise in an otherwise empty house to give me the illusion that I’m not alone. Filling the Silence, Anita D Hunt

Short Stories:

The Fall by Rose Taylor

Watermill Cove by Ella Walsworth-Bell
In a Field by Caroline Philipps
After Victor by Catherine Leyshon
An Bedh (The Grave) by Jess Humphries
The Cat of Camborne by Jason Kenyon
The Foxtrot by Alice Thomas
One Step Too Far by Lou Bergin
The Good Daughter by Mike Davis
Sea Fret by Ben French
Rooted by Stephen Baird
Something in Common by Claudia Loveland
Level With You by Alice Thomas
Starry Night by Ulrike Duran
Love Birds by Kate Barden
Dusk at Retorrick Mill by Emily Charlotte Ould
Filling the Silence by Anita D Hunt
Swimming Home by Carol-Ann Cook
After the Storm by Lamorna Ireland
The Saint and the Smugglers by T J Dockree
Picking Up The Threads by Jo Grande
Think Blue by Alice Thomas
Beyond by Christiana Richardson
Back to Nature by Ella Walsworth-Bell
Semi-Detached by Stacia Smales Hill

With many thanks to Lucy Smith of Illustration by Lu for her stunning illustration and book design.

Publication date 1st June 2024.

Cornwall Beneath and Beyond will be available to pre-order on 23rd April from our shop

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Love Birds by Kate Barden

Love Birds by Kate Barden has so many wonderful layers to it and is a joy to read – ‘…revenge will ruffle more than just feathers…’