Most of our 27 short stories do not need a content warning, but a few may contain references to events that are unsettling, even disturbing, for some readers.

This content warning is not censorship. These content notes are made available here so readers can inform themselves if they want to. It gives a heads up about which of our short stories contain references some readers may prefer to avoid just now. Alternatively, they may be in a place where they are ready to start reading redemptive stories but just need a little forewarning to brace themselves.

Some readers might consider these as ‘spoilers’, particularly the detailed content warnings. In which case, don’t read this page. Just read the book.

Content Warnings and the short stories they apply to:

Alcohol consumption

Animal Abuse



Child Abuse

Childhood Trauma



Drug Use

Fox hunting


Sexism and misogyny

Sexual Attraction





Short Stories with detailed content warnings:

In a Field

Level With You

Love Birds

Pedn Vounder

Swimming Home

Starry Night

The Fall

The Foxtrot

The Good Daughter

The Saint and the Smugglers

Wax and Wane