Cornish Writers


The rugged beauty of Cornwall has inspired many Cornish writers and visitors.

D M Thomas

D M Thomas (Donald Michael Thomas) is a Cornish novelist, poet, playwright and translator. The White Hotel is an international bestseller and prize winner.

David Coad with one of his books

David Coad

Life and all its ups and downs allow me to express in a creative way all that I find in both a therapeutic and invigorating way, and all I hope to do is inspire and touch souls.

IMG_7890smallA Fitt

Angela Fitt

She’s recently moved into fiction and is loving learning the craft.
She’d like to give poignant enjoyment, but will settle for just a half laugh.

John Evident

My English teacher gave me a book called Rendezvous with Rama by Arther C Clark. This book changed my life.

Daphne du Maurier in her youth

Daphne du Maurier

Although born in London, Daphne du Maurier spent most of her life in Cornwall. She started writing on a visit to Cornwall and many of her books are set here


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