Cornish Writers


The rugged beauty of Cornwall has inspired many Cornish writers and visitors.

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Greg Richards

Writer and blogger covering film, travel, beer and Cornwall. He is hoping that one day someone will ask him to write a piece about a pub holding a film festival, or a cinema holding a beer festival, in a far flung corner of Cornwall. Until then he is focusing his efforts on fictional short stories.

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Anne Rainbow

Anne Rainbow is a writer and editor with strong roots in Cornwall, encouraging other writers to pursue their publication dreams.

April Lee Fields

April Lee Fields

April Lee Fields is a self-published Author, Shamanic Songstress, and internationally recognized Spoken Word Artist. Performing live readings from her works, April effortlessly brings the quietude of the written word to life by submerging her audience in the sacred and ancient art of storytelling.


J C Berry

J C Berry is an author living in beautiful Cornwall with his family, soon-to-be husband, and hyper Jack Russell Terrier. The Flesh Auction is his debut novel.

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Alexandra Fowler

A Cornish Children’s author and illustrator specialising in myths and adventure


Francis Edwards

Francis Edwards wrote The Camborne Riots of 1873: An Eyewitness Account: a fictional view of one of the bloodiest events to happen in Camborne

Winston Graham at his desk

Winston Graham

Winston Graham, born Winston Grime in 1908, moved to Perranporth on the coast of South West Cornwall, where he lived for thirty-four years.


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