Cornish Writers


The rugged beauty of Cornwall has inspired many Cornish writers and visitors.

Victoria Osborne-Broad

Victoria Osborne-Broad is the author of the Cornish fantasy series, Jewels of the Rainbow, and frequently gives talks around SW Cornwall.

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David Philip

David Philip, born and raised in the southwest of England, an avid reader and author of crime, mystery and thriller books

Lawrence Patrick McNeela

Lawrence Patrick McNeela is the author of two novels set locally. His work is inspired by the region’s history and folklore traditions.

Angela Linney

Angela Linney writes women’s commercial fiction and recently featured in two anthologies – with mixed genres, written by Cornish writers.


Simon Lake

Simon Lake is a writer and musician residing in Cornwall. Treasure Trails is his first short story collection.


Ulrike Duran

Ulrike Duran is German-Chilean, living in Cornwall with an MA in Creative Writing, stories published in many anthologies and a short play.

Roz Watkins

Roz Watkins is author of the DI Meg Dalton crime series. As she works to solve crimes, dark Derbyshire myths and legends challenge her logic.


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