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Nakadai by Walker Zupp


Twickley, England – when Hiroshi Nakadai is studying for his PhD in Linguistics he comes into contact with a powerful and evil force. His supervisor, Professor Mutton, has been enslaved by The Great Word: an intergalactic being hell-bent on conquering the world. 

When Nakadai becomes a professor, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Using his phenomenal intelligence, he decides to fight the Great Word—and confuse the hell out of his PhD student, Nicola, along the way…

“By turns brilliant and knowingly absurd.”
– Stephen Gallagher, author of
The Authentic William James.

“Kurt Vonnegut meets Ann Quin meets Douglas Adams.”
– Rob Magnuson Smith, author of Scorper.

Nakadai is strange, erudite and above all, hilarious.”
– Charlie Gere, Professor of MediaTheory and History at Lancaster University.


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