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Rachel Fitch


Creative writing has been a part of my life for many years. Always armed with a notebook ( I have a rather a penchant for pretty stationary!) and a pen, I am always scribbling some idea or thought that has involuntary popped into my head! It has only been this last year that I have become serious about my writing. Having moved from the North East to Cornwall, in a moment of a life-changing decision – that only lasted about an hour before being acted upon – I decided it was time to enjoy what I like doing in life; art, travel, surfing – scrap that last one, getting wiped out by waves and of course writing. This I thought would be difficult for a workaholic like myself – until I met some wonderful Cornish people.

It seems Cornwall is such a good place for inspiration, the beaches, rugged coastlines, wooded areas … and let’s not forget the pasties. Seriously, they are good brain food! So now I can say it out loud – I’m Rachel and I am a writer.


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