John Evident


“I was born in Bromsgrove in 1962 and lived most of my younger days growing up around Aston Fields, a suburb of Bromsgrove. It was at South Bromsgrove High School that my English teacher gave me a book called Rendezvous with Rama by Arther C Clark. This book changed my life. I could escape into the world described in the pages of this book and away from a vicious drunk of a stepfather.

“That’s how I have always rated books. If I can lose myself in them, then all the better. I find that with SciFi stories they draw you in and I enjoy the imagination of the writers and how they view the future.

“After Arther C Clark and Isaac Asimov, Anne McCaffery is my all-time favourite author with the Dragons of Pern plus the other novels like The Rowan and Decisions of Doona.  Closely followed by By Margret Weis and Tracey Hickman with The Dragon-Lance Chronicles. And yes, I love Dragons…

“My motivation for the short story was to tell the tale about the arrival of a beneficial race of aliens that were accompanied by dragons and only wanted to help the people of Earth, but with a subtle twist at the end.”


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