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Mage for Hire by Jason Kenyon


Archimegadon, formerly the handyman Ardon Forseld, only knows how to cast flamebolts and even then not very well. Nevertheless, armed with arrogance and rage in equal measure, he intends to seize his place as a hero in bardic tales and gather a sizeable hoard of gold.

So when the opportunity to make a simple delivery in return for riches comes his way, he’s only too eager to get started.

However, when he gets the notice of a local organisation of thieves and mercenaries, it’s not long before his easy money threatens to bring a painful and somewhat premature end to his legend.

Accompanied by an incompetent paladin, an insolent farmhand and a knight who despises him, facing demons, necromancers and deranged heroes, Archimegadon faces his greatest challenge of all –

Earning his keep.


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