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Author Interview with April Lee Fields

Our author interview with April Lee Fields reveals a wonderful heart behind the mystical persona.

Tell us a little about yourself

Hi. My name is April Lee Fields and I am a self-published Author, Shamanic Songstress, and internationally recognized Spoken Word Artist. I have traveled all over the world, living in places like Brazil, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, where I enjoy writing about all of the wonderful adventures I have experienced.

  • Skinny Legs and All, Jitterbug Perfume, When the wind blows.

  • Baked beans on toast. Caravan life is simple out here with only one working hob... but on mornings like this morning... a baked beans on toast with mature cheddar cheese melting upon it, it isn't so bad.

  • I'm into all things mystical, magical and mysterious.

  • In which country?

  • I find it helps me to determine how i feel about things, uninterrupted. And that is a healthy process.

  • English was the only class I excelled in. Academics and formal learning were very difficult for me.

  • Travel. A thirst for adventure. A healthy combination of personal choices mixed with being subject to an environment out of my control.

  • A heroine 😉

  • Sometimes i write in bed or at my desk. But most of the time, my little rucksack is filled with books and journals so i find myself writing wherever my feet have led me that day.

  • The rolling green hills, the rugged coast, the fresh air... but mostly, the connection to my childhood.

  • The ability to feel spirit moving in and coming through me in words.

  • Being that I am a travel writer, I believe growing up in Cornwall allowed me that 'don't come back til the streetlights come on' type of childhood. I journeyed and explored every crack and crevice of Padstow, then, discovering the camel trail, went onto Wadebridge and as an adult have now found myself living in places as far as New Zealand. I have a love for nature and country and this always comes out in my writing often.

  • The art of discovery.

  • I would be Jessica Rabbit. She lives in two very different worlds. She's a sassy performer, interested in people who make her laugh and she also has a wild, slightly crazy side. I can relate.

  • Smoked Mackerel or Salmon with roast potatoes and asparagus.

  • When I was old enough to hold and pen.

  • Keep doing what you love. As with anything, you may not see a monetary payout, but your heart will be the wealthiest of all for following the things that you love.

  • Yes.... Foxy, the international travelling cat dog. Foxy has traveled all over the United States with me whilst on tour and has now recently journeyed back home to England. He is a well traveled cat, a gentleman and my best friend.

  • Foxy.
    Cuz everybody wants to be a cat.

  • Not really, if anything, a little bit of ambient music with no words, but mostly I require silence to properly hear the words come through.