Author Interview with Alice Thomas

In our Author Interview with Alice Thomas we discover how Cornwall has shaped her writing and the animal she would be

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m a practicing writer, based in Cornwall. I am currently writing drafts for a series of books set in a sci-fi fantasy world. I also practice in art, using my iPad to draw often.

  • The five people you meet in heaven, Dreadnought, and The Rust Maidens

  • Cake. I'm trying to have cereal more often, but I do like having pain au chocolat on weekends.

  • Scicence Fiction

  • 9. I wish it could be smaller.

  • To get my stories out there and not store them in my head.

  • No. My class wasn't that interested anyway.

  • Manga. They have interesting characters and often deliver compelling plots.

  • A villain. Always have been (despite being seen as an anti-hero, or a hero by others)

  • At my flat. I write more on my laptop and on my sofa than working in the study room.

  • The landscapes and the sea view.

  • Being able to convey expression into the five senses and the action of the moment.

  • Having the freedom to walk around in some beautiful places, and understanding the meaning and context of each place there.

  • The history behind many landscapes in Cornwall

  • Jessica Rabbit. I couldn't think of more characters, but I prefer to have the sophication and the charm in a bigger scale of a world.

  • Bakewell tart

  • At when I was a teenager, as the joy of seeing books got me interested to explore new worlds.

  • Believe in yourself and write. The earlier you are at life, the better.

  • I used to, but she died in 2017. I still miss her. I have not owned one since then.

  • A fox, as I prefer a simple life and find some place to relax and stay safe.

  • Sometimes. I like to listen to J-Pop or 80s/90s pop hits.