Author Interview with A.A Barrett

In our author interview with A.A Barrett we discover the huge inspiration her grandparents are for her writing and books

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m A.A and I am the author of Dear Maggie, To Mr. Van Barrett and Evie-Me and the seasons. I am also an artist and student. I am due to graduate with a degree in Art History and Creative Writing in 2023!

I was born in Cornwall and am now raising my own children in Cornwall!

  • My favourite book is The Wind In The Willows. I have about 12 copies! I love collecting classic and vintage children's books but The Wind In The Willows makes up most of my collection!

  • A very large cup of coffee!

  • I'm a sucker for a cheesy romance! As stereotypical as possible, please!

  • Apparently larger than they should be for someone who is only 4"11!

  • I write to put into words how I see the world. Since recovering from depression the world looks so much brighter and I feel sometimes we forget how mesmerising it can be.But now I simply love the beauty of words.

  • I loved English lessons! I was a very dark and emotional teenager and used writing as a tool to express myself. My writing in school was very deep!

  • Dear Maggie and To Mr. Van Barrett were inspired by my Grandparents and the beauty of Cornwall. Evie-Me and the Seasons was created to raise money for a charity close to my heart, The PKD Charity UK. This charity has been a huge support after my daughter was diagnosed with the rare disease, ARPKD, at only four months old.

  • I'd make myself the villain, because I don't have the guts to do anything mean in real life!

  • I write from my home in Cornwall!

  • Cornwall is full of inspiration! From the beautiful historical monuments to the glistening seas, Cornwall has so much to offer to a writer's mind!

  • I love knowing that I am fulfilling a promise I made to my Grandmother many years ago. I love knowing that I am making a younger version of myself proud.

  • I'm a poet, how can Cornwall NOT have influenced my writing? Cornwall has beauty that can not truly be put across in words, but I try my best!

  • My latest book was inspired by my Grandfather's sketches. At eighty-nine years old my Grandfather suddenly found a talent for drawing. His sketches of Cornwall inspired each of the poems in my latest book. I loved working with him and allowing the world to see his art!

  • I would be Blossom from the PowerPuff girls, because she's strong and determined but also tiny!

  • Pasta, because even terrible cooks can make pasta!

  • My love of writing started after reading the Stardust series by Linda Chapman!

    I also remember being inspired by The Never-ending Story. I wrote an entire book called "Elliot's Adventures" and created a cover out of a cardboard box, I was about six years old!

  • Keep writing and never let go of your inspiration!

  • I have a Cockapoo called Coco. She is a total softy!

  • I'd love to believe that I would be a turtle, but I can't swim.

    I think I would be a mouse, I'd love to see how big the world looks to a mouse!

  • I adore Corrine Bailey Rae, my mother used to play it when I was little. I have a strong memory of my mother dancing in the kitchen in the sun whilst "Just like a star" was playing.