Angela Linney


Angela Linney is passionate about healing humans! She spent much of her life in the nursing profession before training as a homeopath, where two belief systems collide. This became the inspiration for her novel, Bitter Pill, which is due to be published by Troubador later this year.

Addicted to courses, and striving for knowledge, she is consistently honing her craft, spending hours on all subjects relating to the writing craft!

Though usually writing women’s commercial fiction, Angela has recently featured in two anthologies – with mixed genres, written by Cornish writers.

She is currently writing a non-fiction book, Homeopathy at Home and editing a second novel, Pinky & the White Man. She has another four NaNoWrimo draft novels awaiting her attention, and is working on her memoir, Lyrical gypsy, which she hopes one day to complete, for her expanding family.

Angela loves to delve into minds to understand the psychology behind personal stories. Her firm beliefs about prejudice and injustice led her to become a voluntary Restorative Justice practitioner.

Angela adores animals and nature, crafts, cooking and music and of course, reading!

She has 3 beautiful children, 6 lively grandchildren, and an amazing husband. She lives in Cornwall near the stunning Atlantic Ocean.

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