A reading from The Teddy Bear Emporium by Rachel Fitch


“Doris sat in a rocking chair. The only light her fingers worked by was the blazing log fire in the hearth. The wind howled outside and she wondered who or what had tormented the Gods this dark night for such a storm to brew. Her fingers worked quickly and steadily, sewed up a lifeless black eye on another unfortunate teddy bear. A misfit to go on the shelf with the hundreds of others waiting for a home. They were as ill-favoured as the next one with their bald patches, misshapen ears and askew eyes. But I had a job to do.”

The Teddy Bear Emporium can be found in the short story collection Cornwall: Misfits, Curiosities and Legends. 

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Cornish Writers

Rachel Fitch

Cornwall is such a good place for inspiration, the beaches, rugged coastlines, wooded areas … and let’s not forget the pasties. Seriously, they are good brain food! So now I can say it out loud – I’m Rachel and I am a writer. 

Books Published by Cornwall Writers

Cornwall Secret and Hidden

Cornwall Secret and Hidden by Cornwall Writers is an eclectic collection of short stories written by authors in Cornwall.