A Reading from ‘Look Up’ by Kate Barden


The lights were white. White-white as opposed to creamy-white or yellow-white. They made the bed linen vibrate with their brightness and it hurt her to look at the white walls and the pillow was white hot under her head, so she turned slightly to find a cool patch. She couldn’t pull the thin blanket up to snuggle down as it was gripping the far end of the bed with all its might. Even with her eyes closed she could see the white of the room. She could hear voices and strange noises and footsteps. A hot hand held hers. She squinted. ‘Ams… Ams. It’s OK my girl. Mummy’s here.’ The pain in her chest made it very difficult to sit up, so she stopped trying. The coughing was hurting her. And what was that smell? She stopped trying to place the smell. She stopped trying to open her eyes.

Morvoren Poetry Project

Morvoren Poetry Project

Morvoren: the poetry of sea swimming is a collection of poems and images about women who swim in the sea in Cornwall.

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Morvoren does Creative Scilly

Morvoren does Creative Scilly to promote their forthcoming poetry anthology ‘Morvoren: the poetry of sea swimming’.

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Kate Barden

“Just have a go…what’s the worst that can happen…?”

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Cornwall Secret and Hidden

Cornwall Secret and Hidden by Cornwall Writers is an eclectic collection of short stories written by authors in Cornwall.

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Look Up by Kate Barden

The castle was built on a granite crag that rose out of the sea. Within twenty minutes of leaving the beach, they were circling its island. Tracey’s voice washed forward and backward, knowledgeable, and if one could hear her properly, it was probably very interesting.’ …seals, dolphins, sunfish…’…..’ …Norman Conquest… Benedictine monks…’
But Amelie’s attention had been grabbed by something else, something other than the history lesson being delivered in the round Cornish accent.