A reading from Barnacle Bill by Caroline Palmer


The excerpt is read by Stephen Baird.

“Winnie from Wisconsin USA was staying with her cousin Jane Hoskin, and was determined to make friends with Bill. Winnie had taken a fancy to him from the moment she clapped eyes on him scrutinising a tray of beef steaks in the local butchers. She was attracted by his aloof air and well-built figure and she liked his scruffiness too. Winnie did her very best to hunt him down but had no luck. When Jane Hoskin discovered what was going on, she commented scornfully ‘you don’t want to be involved with that miserable old scoundrel. His expression is enough to turn milk sour’.

However, this made Winnie more determined to get to know Bill.”

Barnacle Bill appears in the short story collection called Cornwall: Misfits, Curiosities and Legends by Cornwall Writers.


Cornish Writers

Stephen Baird

Stephen Baird is a YA author living in Cornwall, immersed in fantasy historical adventure and loving it!

Cornish Writers

Caroline Palmer

Caroline Palmer moves between novels, short plays, films and stories, often local, and the history of Porthtowan, where she lives.