A reading from After the Daccarian Accord by John Evident


“I can’t do justice with the right expressive words to get across to you the sensation of a heightened exuberant awareness. It’s like a kind of aliveness that has affected the deepest level of your inner consciousness. A different way of thinking. The sheer knowingness that has touched everyone’s soul on Earth; that things are better than before. A lush, living, warming comfort coming from an advanced higher intelligence that is ready to help. It’s like the whole world has changed. There’s a heartfelt joy at the way we look at the planet now. Everyone is more relaxed because a global crisis will no longer trouble this protected planet. A new, vivid reality that says, there’s more good to come and things are simply going to get better.”

After the Daccarian Accord can be found published in the Cornwall Writers short story collection Cornwall: Misfits, Curiosities and Legends.