A reading from A Spell in Cornwall by Claudia Loveland


“He became aware that he was awake and turned to look at Belle beside him. So close, so detached. Beautiful in the half light. He reached across to touch her and she pushed back against the pressure. He slid his fingers into the curve of her neck. She didn’t react. Maybe she’d slipped into sleep at exactly that moment. He often woke as she was settling down. He eased his middle-aged body out of bed and looked out over the garden, colourless in the spring dawn. In this pale light the legend was almost believable. Looking down over the hill over the rooftops and the fields he could see the line of the creek marked out by a ribbon of mist hanging above it. He left Belle to sleep. She was almost nocturnal these days.”

A Spell in Cornwall can be found in the short story collection Cornwall: Misfits, Curiosities and Legends. 


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Cornwall Secret and Hidden

Cornwall Secret and Hidden by Cornwall Writers is an eclectic collection of short stories written by authors in Cornwall.

Cornish Writers

Claudia Loveland

Claudia Loveland writes short stories, in various shapes and formats. Her Cornish stories are set within the last century and explore the experiences of newcomers and returners: those who want to lose their history or redesign their future. Some might not want to be here at all.
She loves surprises and humour, though heartbreak often threatens.