A Cornish Winter Story by Claudia Loveland


A Cornish Winter Story by Claudia Loveland to get you in the Christmas mood:

Once upon a time a snowman waiting for Christmas got talking to the trees in the forest.
‘Hey, little tree,’ he said to the smallest, gentlest tree, ‘what do you think about Cornwall in winter?’
‘I like the way it doesn’t get too cold,’ said the smallest, gentlest tree. ‘Spring starts before winter’s half way through.’
‘What about you?’ he asked the oldest and tallest tree.
‘I love the wind. I catch it and throw it on its way.’
‘I like the way the tiny plants still cling to life in winter,’ said the broadest tree, ‘even when they’re beaten and flattened by the wind against the cliffs.’
‘I like the rain,’ said the fattest tree. ‘I’m thirsty and greedy for the goodness I can take out of the soil.’
‘And you?’ He looked at the last tree. ‘What do you think about Cornwall in winter?’
‘I like the birds from far-off lands who come to live with us, bringing their stories. A redwing told me this one … “Once there was a snowman who got chatting to some trees while he was waiting for Christmas … “


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Claudia Loveland

Claudia Loveland writes short Cornish storiesthat explore the experiences of newcomers and returners: those who want to lose their history or redesign their future.

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